Parents Testimonials



What Parents Say About Mathnasium


“This approach completely changed how I think about math.”

– Suzanne Stein, parent & 5th grade teacher  

“She thinks math is more fun and enjoys going to Mathnasium!”


“She is more enthusiastic, more interested in math homework.”

– Jaqueline Aherns, parent  

“He is really excited to go to Mathnasium!”


“I first noticed her improvement when her dad and I were discussing a possible upgrade to her cell phone. When we learned the price, I blurted, ‘WOW, $117, well we may have to wait on that!’ and her immediate response was, ‘Mom, if you two split it, that’s under $60 a piece, $58.50 to be exact.’ I was so impressed by her response… This may seem as just simple math to you, however, my 11-year-old would not have been able to calculate that just a few months prior.”
“My daughter absolutely loves your program!”

“More good news is that I just received her report card and she went from a D, subject to a Fail in math, to a C-E-E, in just 5 weeks. The grade also included a teacher’s comment of ‘I’m proud of your child’s achievement.’ Thank you SO much for your efforts and expertise. You (and the Mathnasium program) truly make a difference!”