Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q: What will my child do at Mathnasium?
A: Mathnasium provides a welcoming environment where your child will receive both instruction and practice. Instruction is provided directly by teachers, who are rigorously trained in our Method. Your child will practice by doing highly prescriptive worksheets under direct supervision, in addition to exercises to develop problem solving and mathematical thinking skills.

Q: What is the MATHNASIUM Method?
A: The MATHNASIUM Method has been developed over the past 30+ years by Larry Martinek, from 40+ years of teaching experience.  Larry realized that current methods of teaching maths in many school curricula around the globe had deep-rooted inadequacies.  Therefore, based on his experiences and observations, he devised a curriculum, and an approach to teaching maths, which is designed to actually teach children genuine “number sense” and a true understanding of how numbers work together, and then steadily increasing the scope and complexity of their understanding of various more-advanced concepts.

Q: Why should I enroll my child in Mathnasium?
A: Developed by a leading mathematics educator, Mathnasium is effective, affordable, and highly specialized. We get results! You will receive periodic reports detailing your child’s progress. Kids enjoy their workouts! Most importantly, they acquire Number Sense—the ability to think mathematically. We focus on building a solid foundation of skills, which will maximize your child’s success in school, the SAT, and beyond. There is a wonderful side–benefit from this process: your child’s boosted self–confidence.

Q: When do students attend Mathnasium?
A: Students typically attend twice or three times a week after school for about an hour.

Q: Why Mathnasium?
A: Maths deals with the development of basic calculation skills as well as the ability to think logically and critically.  The MATHNASIUM programme develops both aspects by developing both genuine number sense as well as a thorough grounding in all necessary Maths concepts.  Your child will receive both instruction and practice.  Instruction is provided directly by teachers, who are rigorously trained.   Your child will practice by doing highly prescriptive worksheets under direct supervision, in addition to exercises to develop problem solving and mathematical thinking skills.  In addition to helping students improve their mathematical skills, the programme provides skills that apply in almost all other subject areas.

Q: Is your program customized to my child’s requirements, or does a general syllabus apply?
A: One of the most powerful features of the MATHNASIUM program is its flexibility and customization.  Each child is assigned a completely customized set of study material for each term.  We achieve this by our uniquely detailed and structured Pre-Assessment Test which uses sophisticated techniques to determine – with great accuracy – what a student knows and does not know.  Based on the individual diagnosis, we then tailor a personalized learning program.  This will be specifically designed to:  (a) build on that child’s strengths; (b) work on the weak areas in detail; and (c) a section to stretch that child’s capabilities steadily and help him/her achieve even more.

Q: How do I know my child is actually making progress?
A: The MATHNASIUM programme is strongly outcome-based. Two strengths of our programme relative to other alternatives are:  (i) regular parent communication, and (ii) regular progress assessment.  After the initial pre-assessment, we assess on a monthly basis as well as at the end of the term.  At each stage, we report in appropriately detailed format, the progress made by the child.  The study material for the following term is then naturally adjusted to continue to build on strengths, work on weaknesses and further challenge their new capabilities.

Q: Who are your instructors?
A: One of the key areas in which we aim to distinguish ourselves from available alternatives is through the quality of our instructors.  Our philosophy is that while each child should indeed be encouraged to become self-motivated and a self-learner that cannot by itself be a full substitute for expert coaching by qualified, committed and motivated instructors.

Each one of our instructors comes to us with several years of specific Maths coaching experience and has either Maths or Science qualifications.  In addition, prior to hiring, they are required to pass a formal Exam with Distinction (different levels depending upon whether they will focus on Primary or Secondary students) as part of Mathnasium’s global procedure.   Finally, upon scoring the necessary distinction in the exam, they are required to complete an intensive certification programme incorporating several courses as well as approximately 40 hours of training videos.  Only then are they entrusted with your children!

We encourage you to come down to the centre to meet in person with our instructors to see for yourself the difference versus other available alternatives, with respect to the quality of our instructors.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Our friendly staffs are ever-willing and available to assist you! Simply call 0799070444 for an appointment.